Here are remarkable testimonials of Skypenosis remote video conference sessions with Keithanthony Taylor

Aino pain control

“When Aino cut her finger to the bone, her father, a surgeon, performed surgery to save her finger. However, Aino had lasting numbness for years. Keithanthony successfully restored feeling to the finger in minutes. Read the full story in “What is Hypnosis’ tab.”

Les Paul: Brain

“LesPaul Morgan died horribly many times during emergency brain surgery to treat a ruptured AVM. There was but one surgeon in the World who could do this extensive a surgery and he had to do it on the edge of a building site under the sky where the new theatre wing was still under construction. The equipment was already waiting to be taken in so they assembled it outside. Then began a battle for his life his mother holding his hand begging him to hold on and live during three consecutive days involving delicate 8 hour brain surgeries. Of necessity these were without anesthetic or pain killers and left him traumatised with horrendous migraine for years until a radio show hypnotherapy with Keithanthony which is in many way on a par with Skypenosis”

SKYPE THERAPY for for high blood pressure

Success Stories: Chris’ Doctor Very Impressed

“Skypenosis came to Chris West’s rescue when he suffered severe back pain and very high blood pressure. His doctor was threatening strong medication and gave him a one week stay to try hypnosis. Keithanthony realised that in his own opinion only that it was nonsense to even attempt addressing the blood pressure symptoms without first addressing what he suspected would be the underlying cause, the back pain.”

Chris West’s testimony: he worked with Valerie Austin for the first session and followed up with Keithanthony on Skype

“If you or your client has limited time or they have too far to travel more than once to see you, you can first see them at your practise and then carry on with the Skype therapy for the rest of the treatment. Chris West was a person I knew from where I live in London. He had told me that his doctor was worried that his blood pressure was too high. So I invited him along to part of a day on one of my hypnotherapy workshops on cancer. He did not have cancer but since he needed help very quickly and I knew it would be useful for the therapists to have some proof of hypnosis working on physical ailments, he came along. We acquired some equipment to test his blood pressure before and after the hypnosis. He had agreed to be tested in hypnosis and he was inquisitive to see what could be achieved in such a short time. His doctor had warned him if there was no change he would have to have medication which he did not want to have to do since the medication can have unpleasant and sometimes serious side effects. Chris was eager to see if hypnosis could help. He had never been hypnotised before so this was an extra bonus for my therapists attending the workshop. He went into hypnosis well and we tested his blood pressure before the hypnosis and again after and to his delight his blood pressure reduced. However, to make it a lasting improvement it is prudent to have more sessions for this to be consistent. He was very surprised and impressed and asked me to organize more therapy. As Chris’s time was limited and Keithanthony was available I felt confident to recommend him so I arranged Chris to have some Skype sessions through the few weeks before he had to see his doctor. The results were excellent and we were all thrilled.

An Update after more sessions.

“Hi, I’m very pleased to say that my blood pressure has come down considerably, thanks to the initial hypnosis at your workshop and then the skype hypnosis sessions with Keith.My doctor said that she was very impressed by the readings, which have reduced to considerably less than borderline hypertensive, which it had been previously. She asked me to stop taking readings during my holiday, then to resume for two weeks prior to a further appointment, to see if the trend has continued successfully- previously ,she wanted me to start medication, but has since said that if the trend continues, there will be no need, particularly if I am disciplined to monitoring myself regularly. Keith has been very impressive and determined in his efforts, so I am extremely grateful to both of you and will continue to keep you informed. Thank you again. Best wishes, Chris West


“Keithanthony made me feel like a million Dollars during my Radio show by using his hypnotherapy techniques. I was in so much pain from an autobus accident and a botched back surgery before Keithanthony Taylor used amazing methods and perspectives. I am so grateful!!!!!!!!!” Kat Vecchione


Been having migranes a lot lately, and yesterday I called Keith, had a Skype session of hypnosis from him and it got rid of it miraculously, felt relaxed. Never imagined the pain that was so intense could go so quickly but he had the magic touch that helped! Amelya G Goldy


“I had a pain in the neck & migraine for two days…last Tuesday & Wednesday. A session with Keithanthony yesterday, completely relieved the stress, like snapping a rubber band if a pony tail bound too tightly!” Kim Jefferson Justus


“Before Keithanthony gave me a simple exercise to try on Skype from 9000Km away I was afraid to even look at a very small injection needle but my goodfriend Kiethanthony gave me a very simple imagination game to erase my fear altogether. In Jesus name it was very effective I have lost all fear and had courage today for my blood test in the Philippines without any distress whatsoever. “ JoJo Toledo Acar


“Kiethanthony asked me only as a favour to be the first to play his new confidence MP3 which he created for the Skypenosis conference. I found it very pleasant, and as I listened only then did I realise my confidence needed and received an unexpected boost. Everybody would benefit from this audio.” Carla Jones