Narration of Andy Weir’s viral short story – The Egg

I really enjoyed making this audio and slide show and was surprised Andy Weir gave me permission within an hour of asking to narrate his short story ‘The Egg.’ I decided to create this narration having come across a version of it created on YouTube with text to Speech software which always does sound so appalling, and really cannot do justice to Andy Weir’s story.

I remember when I would have been terrified myself to speak up because I had heard too many people put me down. However that ended when I learned the lie that these people make us live which is that they are putting us down not because we are bad but because they know that they are bad, and that we are indeed better than them. As soon as we realise the lie we can lift our heads and stand tall. We should none of us ever allow the negative thoughts, beliefs, and opinions of others to set the bar for our own achievements.

One of the reasons I really enjoy ‘the Egg’ is because ‘God’ tries to show Andy that for him all things are possible, and that he like you is a very wonderful person. This story is a veritable Aladdin’s cave steeped in transformational Hypnotic metaphor to live our lives by and I feel sure that Andy who kindly gave me permission to use his text has had some deeply spiritual experiences that may be on a parallel with my own close encounters with God that occurred during an NDE near death experience.

As a means of relaxation I highly recommend grabbing a microphone or your Iphone, a book or some poetry find some text that is meaningful such as ‘the Egg’ and practice recording yourself reciting the text and playing it back. Don’t be content until you hear somebody who sound like they are narrating from the Royal Shakespeare Society. Remember to breath steadily from the diaphragm, read slowly, take your time, read punctuation, and remember you are not a robot. It can be very amusing and very relaxing once you get past the stage where you hate your own voice. When you hear your voice say to yourself, “I like myself, I like my voice, I sound okay, people like my voice, people like me!” Every word of that is true and you better keep saying it until you believe it!

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