Pre Hysterectomy Surgery Hypnosis Total Success

I’m so excited to report that I received a brief message from my client Kat Vecchione.

Kat has reported post surgery (Hysterectomy) that the surgery was a great success the surgeon saying keep it up he was highly pleased with the hypnotherapy without which the surgery was not in any way possible since the anesthesiologist previously felt  intubation to establish an airway was impossible while the patients scoliosis continued to place the chin on the left shoulder.

I cannot pretend that I did not feel challenged with the prospect of what I was required to achieve in such a short time when first I saw how badly twisted Kat Vecchione spine was so I am thankful that Kat nevertheless made it easy by proving to me again what a wonderful resilient recovery system is the human body and mind. So Kat I’d  like to thank you for being such a wonderful hypnosis subject, for trusting me, and for permitting me to share your case with recorded video evidence to help teach other hypnosis and medical students.

I’m very excited I have already been requested to send, it seems very interested in hypnosis, a copy of the video to Neurology Department, and Epilepsy Departments at St Thomas’ University Hospital London. This hospital resides across the river from London’s Houses of Parliament. A copy of the DVD also goes to my own GP. However Kat I shall ask you again for your final confirmation in case you may feel differently following the experience you have just undertaken.

In closing if anybody would like to donate a graphics computer and Final Cut Pro these videos edits could happen a lot faster 🙂

Always be seeking recovery.

Keithanthony ‘Hypno Sensei’

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