Pre Hysterectomy Surgery Hypnosis

A client of mine has just had her second session of pre-surgery hypnosis with me to prepare for her hysterectomy in 15th October 2014. I feel very privileged and fortunate in this case that my client agreed to allow me to film the trans Atlantic video conference session to make it available for sale to hypnosis students. This is a very interesting, challenging and exciting case because without my hypnosis skills the possibility of the surgery 15th October 2014 was out of the question the scoliosis making it difficult for the anesthesiologist to establish a satisfactory airway. However the surgery that was looking doubtful is now looking like a go situation and we are confident that the anesthesiologist will be shocked when he sees the clients miraculous recovery from her scoliosis.

As well as giving suggestions to improve the airway I worked with my clients unconscious mind to establish post hypnotic suggestions to relieve pre-surgery stress, regulate bleeding and improve healing. The video demonstrates how I do this and how I get confirmation of agreement from conscious, unconscious, and other parts.
Keithanthony ‘Hypno Sensei’

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