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Many of us have read books about body language one of the masters being Allan Pease celebrated Author of The Definitive Book of Body Language who I once had the great pleasure of meeting, but how much did you remember much less practice in your day to day, business, or spiritual life? How many realised the power it gives us to change and lift the state being experienced by someone else by using something that may be as simple as a big smile, and eye contact?

I highly suggest that you watch all of the video that shows and describes real body language including some amazing footage from among them film stars, Prime Ministers, Presidents, Police and even gun men where the Police footage makes the point that reading body language may save your life in tricky situations.

You will find, in my opinion only, the best way to learn body language may start with a book and indeed this video but needs something greater! It needs you to start recognising body language in others by watching interactions first between other people.

Make a start now by going out to your local shopping center and sit down, maybe but not necessarily, at a coffee bar. All around you will be a plethora of people walking by alone or people talking to each other on pairs and groups, and you will find very one of them is, no pun, like a talking book screaming out a decodable message. Perhaps you can see angry, tense, happy, sad, tired, absentminded, or busy people everywhere? No need to make a special journey anywhere just become aware wherever you are but as you watch a crucial step on your journey to body language awareness and mastery is to become aware of your own body language signals and this could make the difference between being a people magnet or a personality as desirable as Chernobyl.

When you feel ready to hone your body language skills look no further than the supermarket, and let me ask you when did you last engage with any of their staff as if they were your friends? In the local shopping centers is an endless opportunity to practice and I always enjoy walking into my local stores because all the staff smile when I walk in, and give me better service because one day I engaged with these unappreciated people, read their name badges called them by name, and gave them my best smile. Every timeĀ  I go into stores I do this and gradually develop a relationship with them with the intention to make them feel valued, and it is they that have unknowingly taught me so much about people, communication, and body language.

Never underestimate the power you have within you when you really engage with people in an aware way because I once met an Argentinian Lady months after I first met her offered a statement that stunned me. She said it was my interaction with her that so lifted her that the day she first met me that she decided not to commit suicide because when all of her friends left her I stayed and talked to her for another two hours. I had no idea that day that she was a potential suicide or that she was even depressed, not that I’m saying that is any of the criteria for suicide. It also taught me that all the times, and I suggest you all do this, I stood in front of a mirror practicing smiling, feeling good, as if there was a spiritual dynamo revving up inside me looking for a positive outlet were not wasted.

Good luck with your body language, use it often with purpose, and you may change your life, and others.

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